About Me


Growing up in a sports environment, my father was an athletics coach and always took me with him and his team to train everywhere around the country.

I started training in athletics at just 6 years old, I was a tall and skinny kid and wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone so I decided to start playing rugby.

2 years in, I broke my arm in two places, I couldn’t believe, after just a short time one game was all it took, my Rugby career was over.

The injury presented a dark time in my life but through the darkness I was determined to find the light, rehabilitation became a motivator for building my body and strength.

At the age of 16 I started going to the gym.I was 55 kg (8.6 stones) back then with a height of 1.87 cm (6.1 feet).I started eating more and more often and managed to gain 30 kg (4.7 stones) of muscles in around 3 years.

Transformation of my body began, I was no longer a tall and skinny kid and before I knew it the impossible became possible,I competed in UKBFF for Men physique in 2016.

Through my personal development, grew an understanding and connection with others, this ability to empathise and motivate people to achieve and actualize their dreams became my passion.

I believe that any health and fitness goals can be reached through smart, intensive training and a “can do, never give up” attitude.

I always develop a close relationship with my clients and strive to know how their minds and bodies work to develop, training and eating plans customised for their individual needs.

We are all born champions but sometimes the road we have to walk can bring obstacles and challenges, my job is to help you master that road and become the best version of yourself

Welcome to Conscious Fitness